Thank you, 2018. Hello, 2019!

The year 2018 is one of the best years of my life.

I started the year traveling with Steve to the Philippines and Korea, discovering wonderful places and spending time with my beloved family.

Then we got engaged in Seoul and got married in Edmonton. I was reunited with my family and best friends.

My mother and my brother Jr were able to travel to Canada to attend our wedding. My sister Jane and her family also made their first long trip to Edmonton to attend the most magical event of my life.

And Steve and I traveled again and again. We went to Banff, Jasper, Vancouver, Victoria, Niagara Falls and Toronto. I’ve never done so much traveling in a year like this and I intend to do it again.

I am grateful for being able to celebrate the gift of family and friendship.

I feel so fortunate for being able to enjoy many amazing Winnipeg Jets and Winnipeg Bombers games, good food, opportunities, as well as great conversations, music and movies over a glass of our most favourite wines and craft beers.

The entire year was filled with fun and laughter – and love and forgiveness.

Life is good. God is good.

You see, just a few years ago, my life was a complete mess. I was heartbroken, broke and hopeless. I almost gave up.

But I didn’t give up. I prayed for the best things to come.

And it did come.

Thanks to Him. He listens, He loves me.

And He loves you too.

Thank you 2018 for the great year and wonderful memories. You are never forgotten.

Hello 2019, I welcome you with great optimism and gratitude. May this be another year of great moments of love, hope, success, friendship, togetherness and camaraderie.

Thank you dear family and friends (and kind strangers) for everything – your love, friendship and kindness are always appreciated!

To my best friend, my life-long partner, my soulmate Steve – thank you for coming into my life and bringing me love and light brighter and more magical than any fireworks I have ever seen in the past 38 years of my life. I love you now and forever.

Have a blessed 2019,


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